Click against Hate (CAH) is an educational program designed for students in Year 5-6 and Year 7-10.  There is no charge for the program.  CAH teaches  students to deal with a wide range of issues including:  incitement, defamation, online dangers, YouTube and Facebook reporting, all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, freedom of speech, vilification, obscenity, identity theft, invasion of privacy, cyber bullying, website reliability, primary and secondary sources.

This educational program focuses on the development of an inclusive culture and respectful school climate by addressing issues of bias, bullying and prejudice reduction at its roots and provides the tools to deal with this ugly phenomenon.  The program also focuses on diversity in schools and social cohesion among students.  CAH has been designed as an interactive and innovative program giving students current information that empowers them to deal with these situations showing them what the power of words can do.


The beauty of this program is that it can be adapted to suit the classroom needs. The program allows for schools to pick and choose as some topics may not be relevant.

The idea of Click against Hate is to challenge the students and take them ‘out of their comfort zone’ by using real life examples and giving them the opportunity to become involved in the discussion.

The program is presented by our Education Officers, Sharon Zisin, Brett Kaye and Lindy Lifszyc, in over 120 schools in Victoria.  The program reaches 20,000 students per year.