What the Students Say

We absolutely loved it.  The presenter was amazing, very engaging and knowledgeable.  We really appreciate the Click against Hate program.

Bridgette, Casey Grammar

We have changed and matured a lot after the program and we are being racist or stereotypical any more

Jonah, Ormond Primary

Thanks to the ADC I now tell other people ‘don’t do it’ and give them a reason why it is wrong.

Georgia, Stonnington Primary

I loved the program.  Now I keep an eye out for any bullying that goes on anywhere.

Inderbir, Box Hill Secondary

We are all humans, we all have feelings and the program helped teach us how important this is.

Jelani, South Oakleigh Secondary

I learned many things through Click against Hate and it left a big impression on me. It taught me to be very careful online and it also taught me to never ever be hateful towards anyone else just because of who they are. I also think that if I hear someone showing hate or racism then I should try and stop them so we can all just get along.

Dovi, Yeshivah Primary

I felt that the Click against Hate program was really well put together. Our students were very interested in the content and the messages we learned from the talks. In one of our sessions, we made plays about how defamation and incitement can cause so much pain for people.  We learned about anti-Semitism and this really opened my eyes to a problem I was aware of but didn’t really have an understanding of its seriousness. I found the program helpful, interesting and dynamic. The boys in our year are more aware than they were before the Click against Hate Program and feel that it is important to make others aware of this issue.

Dov, Yeshivah Primary

The presentation was educational and we learnt about the different types of discrimination in today’s society

Peter, St Mary’s

I learnt something about racial discrimination and freedom of speech in the presentation.  I also learnt that there are so many ways to offend or abuse people and you have to be really careful about what you say online.

Marni, Box Hill Secondary

Thank you for the presentation.  It was very interesting and informative as it showed me things I didn’t know before.  Speaking about a sort of different side of cyber-bullying, racism and sexuality abuse was quite intriguing.

Georgie, Glenhuntly Primary

You have taught me about the dangers in society and not to be a by-stander if somebody is criticised because of religion, colour or race.  Thank you Click against Hate

Nathan, Berengara School