What Secondary School Staff say

Bentleigh Secondary College Year 8 students were lucky enough to participate in the Click against Hate program. The students found the program extremely engaging and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive environment.

The program itself helped students to explore a range of issues based around hate, racism and online safety. The program was great at giving clarity to issues such as defamation of character and incitement and made students really think about boundaries.

Students are very familiar with terms such as bullying however, the Click against Hate program has helped students recognise global issues associated with racism and increased their awareness of different ways racism may present itself.

The program grabs student interest from the beginning.  We find it a wonderful resource to continue to refer back to all year, using the language delivered to the students.

Natalie Cumming – Head Year 8, Bentleigh Secondary College

‘Click against Hate’ is a well-designed, educational presentation which clarifies for our students the distinction between freedom of speech and all forms of discrimination such as racism, vilification, bullying and stereotyping. What really keeps our students ‘glued’ to the presenter are her personal and topical stories of discrimination and the way they were resolved.

Students are made aware of discrimination in all forms of media, on the net, in political cartoons and in daily life. They are taught not to just accept what is put before them, but to sit up and think, to be critical thinkers and then they are given meaningful ways in which they can act upon discrimination when they encounter it.

At every presentation, our written feedback shows that students have their eyes opened to the power within them to stand up against discrimination in all its forms.

Kathleen Tehan – Learning Technologies & Research Centre Co-ordinator, Box Hill Secondary College

I would just like to thank you, your organisation and Sharon for the great presentation that our Year 8 cohort participated in yesterday and today. Both staff and students enjoyed Sharon’s talks and the professional way in which the presentation was delivered. Our students took away with them important messages which we hope will translate into their everyday communications with other people. The posters the group completed at the end will be displayed in our Junior School area as a reminder of what they learnt. Thank you again for this outstanding presentation.

Roz Pizzey – Year 8 Coordinator, Reservoir High School

This program was most effective. Students engaged well with Brett who was informative and effectively conveyed the ideas and the various scenarios.

The programme was fantastic in helping kids identify issues when using the internet and be more aware of discrimination. It also helped students become savvier in reporting inappropriate information they find on the web.

Year 9 Teachers, Mt Scopus College

Brett was terrific and all the students got a lot out of it. Brett was able to get all of them to present their work, a huge feat for some of the students at our school! We loved the program.  Thank you

Celia Brenchley – school psychologist / student wellbeing , Alphington Grammar School

The sessions went really well and Lindy was great.  The information was interesting, relevant and engaging.  I would like to rebook the program for our new students.

Barry Ibrahim, Year 7/8 coordinator, Melton Christian College