What Primary School Staff Say

This term the oldest group had an incursion from a group called Click Against Hate. This educational program focuses on the development of an inclusive culture and respectful school climate by addressing issues of bias, bullying and prejudice.  The program also focuses on diversity in schools and social cohesion among students.  CAH has been designed as an interactive and innovative program giving students current information that empowers them to deal with these situations showing them what the power of words can do. Brett the presenter based the ideas of the program on his experiences growing up under apartheid in South Africa and practicing the Judaic religion. The children were extremely interested in many of the historical, social and emotional pressures children experienced during this time and it stimulated many questions and much discussion about the limitations placed on people’s lives. They reflected on the own experiences, gathered ideas from the presentations and formulated their own views on how to stop bullying in all of its forms and initiate a more respectful and inclusive school environment. This was an extremely positive experience for all the students involved.

Jenine Pallant, Principal, The Currajong School

The students participated enthusiastically in both sessions primarily because the content was informative and relevant for them. The program tapped into the innate sense of justice and acceptance that many of the students already have. It linked well with both the e Smart program and the attitudes and attributes of the IB. The students were able to bring prior knowledge to the discussions and made connections between their own experiences and what was being discussed.

Some of the key ‘take aways’ from the students:

“It is important to recognise our unconscious bias”

“Don’t judge people by what they look like”

“I hope that people will be more accepting in the future”

“it is so important for communities to accept people of different genders, races, religions and sexualities”

“You need to be an upstander not just a bystander”

Kate Northam, Primary school teacher, Wesley College Elsternwick

The session was a positive experience for our students. It gave them time to reflect on important issues such as bullying, racism and violence towards women and empowered them with strategies to use when encountering this online. Sharon was an excellent teacher who was passionate in her delivery of this session and in her sharing of stories. The slideshow and videos were well prepared and appropriate for this age group. Our students gained a great deal from both sessions, particularly in raising their awareness and in helping them to make sense of some difficult language eg defamation, islamophobia etc. Thank you for developing this program and for continuing to offer this free to schools.  We hope to participate again next year.

Liane Pimenta, year 6 teacher, St Columba's Primary, Elwood

Brett Kaye facilitated the Click Against Hate program at Yeshivah today and yesterday. The program was extremely successful and the boys gained tremendously from Brett’s presentation. The concepts were delivered clearly and comprehensively in a fun and dynamic manner. They boys really related to Brett’s explanation of the concepts and he really went to great effort to link the ideas to the concepts in the Torah. It was extremely impressive!!

Janet Feldman, Assistant Head of Primary, Yeshivah College

Brett was a wonderful speaker. He did a fantastic job of engaging with the students and showing them the power and possibilities of technology as well as the potential dangers involved to both themselves and others if used incorrectly. He spoke of the various types of harassment caused online as well as how to recognise and rally against this behaviour. Brett used jokes, personal antidotes as well as visuals to get his point across and the students really understood and valued what he had to say. I would highly recommend Brett and the Click against Hate program to any school as his message is vital in our ever growing, tech driven world. 

Jen Ellison, Primary school teacher, Clayton North Primary school

The program was excellent! It was very well received by our staff and student body. Sharon the facilitator was outstanding in her delivery and the level of engagement she inspired in our students. The content was also pitched ideally for our students’ capacity to understand, relate and discuss.

Deb Samuels, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Sholem Aleichem College, Elsternwick

The program was fantastic and has provided a wonderful point of reference for many of our class discussion around Catholic Social Teaching. One of our students even decided to do her ‘Change’ research project on the different countries understandings of Human Rights that have changed over time. We would love to book it again for our students both later in the year and next year.

Joseph Pearson, Classroom Teacher / Digital Learning Leader, St. Mary's Primary School, Hampton

Brett is a fabulous presenter, who keeps the kids engaged and interacts well with them. He challenged them to view critical aspects of society and the Internet in a new light and as such prepares them for some of modern society’s hardships and challenges.  He addresses issues and aspects that we deal with today, in a kid friendly way. He talks about issues and uses terms we as teachers are often afraid to address, which I believe they benefit from.

Kathy Van Leusen, Primary school teacher, St Catherine’s Primary

Sharon was great with the kids and it is just the kind of conversation they need to have. I love your program! Yes please sign us up for the follow up at the end of the year. It has given us opportunity to ground some of our conversations in the concepts you presented (defamation and incitement).

Louise Broadhurst, Leader of learning, St. Thomas the Apostle Primary School, Cranbourne East

Click against Hate was an inspiring and engaging incursion, allowing students to become involved in discussion about real life, challenging situations. It was meaningful and most certainly relevant for students growing up in a digital age.

Our presenter Brett provided students with personal experiences and allowed them to have an open and honest conversation about some of the challenges students face on a daily basis whilst online.

Content was presented in an informative, yet sensitive manner and was a fantastic experience for our Year 6 students.

Stephanie Gomo, Year 6 teacher, Niddrie West Primary school, Airport West

The Click against Hate facilitator Sharon was fantastic. The students were engaged and the way that she related to our students was very practical.  The visual presentation and videos were very informative.   We would be happy for Sharon to come back towards the end of term 4 for a refresher program.

Hock Meng Tan, Year 6 teacher and Year 6 coordinator, Gardenvale Primary School

We absolutely loved it. The presenter was amazing, very engaging and knowledgeable! The students got a lot out of it.  We really appreciate the Click against Hate program.

Bridgette Reale, Primary school teacher, Casey Grammar Primary School

The program was very well run and the students responded very well to the sessions.

Keirston Miller, Student wellbeing coordinator, Albany Rise Primary School

The program was excellent, and the kids got a lot out of it. I would definitely like to do the program again next year.

Terry Crothers, Year 6 teacher and coordinator, Leibler Yavneh College

As a team we were very happy with the topics the presenters covered and the way they delivered them.  It was good that they were interactive and even had some work to complete.  The students were engaged and the topics were relevant to what we are doing in Year 6.

Erick Albers, Assistant Principal Oakleigh South Primary School

As usual, Brett was awesome with how he presented all the core topics that he focused on – regarding stereotype, bystander, racism, cyber bullying (different forms) etc.  It was precisely what we were after for our Level 5/6s.  Many thanks for your wonderful work.

Radhika Srinivas, Year 5/6 Teacher and coordinator, Clayton North Primary

The sessions went well.  The kids were engaged and took away the main message from specific learning intentions.  Thank you once again for coming out to our school.

Tom Gosling, Year 6 teacher, Stonnington Primary School

The students thoroughly enjoyed the CAH incursion last week.  They were fully engaged and came up with some very important and interesting discussion points.  Their posters were very informative.  We would love to book the refresher sessions for Term 4.

Ashlee Scott, Year 5 teacher, Oakleigh Grammar School