Secondary school program

Click Against Hate is a program that encourages online safety and leaves students with an understanding of the importance of standing up to hate and intolerance. Through discussion, videos, cartoon, memes and informative slides, and in a relaxed, informal environment, students are taught about possible dangers online (including bullying, scams, identity theft, trolling) and how to respond to them.

Concepts such as racism, bigotry, discrimination and stereotyping are covered, with a particular focus on where hate comes from and how children might be exposed to such ideas through words and images in the online space. There is a focus on appropriate, safe responses and the importance of reporting and being an ‘upstander’.

As a final activity, in the follow up session, students are asked to work in groups to create a meme  to send the message of diversity and online safety to others in their school community. They choose a theme  from the many key terms covered in the program.

Key terms/topics:

pluralism/diversity/multiculturalismdiscriminationbystander vs upstander
islamophobiaincitementscams/identity theft/trolling/phishing/privacy
gender stereotypesattitudes to Indigenous Australians