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Here you will find information about our transformative and groundbreaking educational program Click Against Hate.

We all agree that students deserve to be in  school environments that foster inclusiveness, civility and respect for people of all faiths, backgrounds and cultures.

The internet and social media, with their potential to cultivate the best through communication, have become the weapon of choice for cyberbullying, and an ideal avenue for racists to promote their dangerous messages and to cruelly harrass and victimise users.

Young people are therefore more vulnerable than ever.

To counteract the internet’s dark side and to fight back against this growing problem, the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), Australia’s leading organisation combatting hatred in all its forms, created Click Against Hate.

This innovative  and interactive train­ing program, that is delivered free of charge, is now running in more than 100 primary and secondary schools in Victoria, reaching 20,000 thousands students a year.

I encourage you to listen to the testimonies of participants, teachers and principals who have benefitted from having the program in their schools.

I’m sure that you will be inspired by their stories, the impact the program has made on their lives, and by the extensive media coverage that this wonderful initiative has attracted.

We know that when young people are surfing the internet,  or are on their phones, computers and in online forums such as Facebook, often, there are no adults present.

Click Against Hate equips young people with personal strate­gies and skills for protecting them­selves against the virus of digital hatred and shows them how to effectively and appropriately respond to cyber-bulling,

The program also teaches student to stand up for each other and to always be friend to the victims of hate.

It also provides them with the knowledge and tools to understand what information is credible and to appreciate the importance of behaving responsibly and ethically online.

In our diverse, tolerant and pluralistic nation, all acts of bigotry and racism are unacceptable.

Our program allows young people to be part of the conversation, to speak up for the values of equality and tolerance, and to play a crucial role in  fostering an increased culture of e-safety.

Join us for this exciting, life-changing journey, and help us build an Australia without hate.


Yours sincerely,

Dr Dvir Abramovich
Anti-Defamation Commission

We have positive outcomes

Participating students receive tools to deal appropriately with inappropriate situations if and when they occur, and become more aware of the implications of bullying, bigotry, social bias and racial taunts.

Teachers often report that the program exceeds their expectations, with many inviting Click Against Hate back annually.


Principal Supporter